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WELCOME to my Universe of Polaroid Photography in Connemara

Kelter Photography out with her polaroid camera

Hi and welcome to my universe of polaroid photography in Connemara.

I am Anne-Mette Kelter, the photographer behind Kelter Photography.

I currently live on the Irish West coast with my husband Kasper.

Living abroad was always on our bucket list from our very first meeting back in 2010 and here we are. Right in the middle of beautiful Connemara just outside of Galway.

We moved from Denmark in 2022 and we are now 2.50 years into our move.

It´s already been quite an adventure. First challenge was to find a place to live. We never knew that this would be a challenge . But it sure was.

We started out in Salthill, in a 1-bedroom apartment hotel overlooking the Aquarium in Salthill, Galway.

After a couple of months we were lucky to find a house to rent in Connemara, just outside of the idyllic village Oughterard. It was a beautiful cottage, quite isolated on a hill side overlooking the little village and the mountains of Connemara in the horizon. We were happy here and settled in pretty fast thanks to our local community and great neighbours.

But in November 2023 we received an unexpected notice that we were to move out of the house by May 2024. So we were back to zero and had to start a new househunt. Luckily, we were given a 6-months notice and we felt that we had all the time in the world to find a new place to live. However, the process of finding a new home was not as easy as we had thought it would be. The housing situation in Ireland is pretty tough and the rent is through the roof, to be honest.

But mid-April 2024 we could close the doors to the house on the hill for the last time and move around 20 km closer to Galway in the somewhat larger village of Moycullen. Just 10 minutes in the new house and we already felt at home. Our new neighbours are also very kind and extremely welcoming and we look forward to living here for a while now.

Of course, moving house often, changing surroundings, getting to know new people etc takes away some of the focus from the photography and my art. But I feel that I am on the right path again. I have quite a few exhibitions coming up, my web shop is finally up and running (it´s been under way since 2018) and today I am proud to launch my blog where I will introduce you to how my life as a photographer is out here west,

All the best and stay tuned


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