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A Polaroid Decay is a fully developed polaroid photo that has been soaked in water for weeks. The process is long and requires space and patience. What happens during the process is that the chemistry in the photo dissolves with the water over time and makes unpredictable and unique art pieces that can never be recreated. A Polaroid Decay is therefore a unique piece of art.

My decays are originals, meaning only one of each, and are sold as such.

However, a handfull of my polaroid decays are scanned, enlarged, and sold as prints. For originals that are also produced as a reprint, I have marked this in the description of the original piece below.

To see each polaroid and read more about each decay, simply doubleclick each photo to open a larger view.

To buy Polaroid Decays, visit my webshop. Shipping within EU.

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