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Glitter Glue Polaroids

Reading the headline you may think WHAAATTT now? What is Glitter Glue Polaroids?

Round frame polaroid decorated with green and golden glitter glue

Most people think that a polaroid is just a photo that comes directly out of the camera and is ready to enjoy.

But there is so, so much more you can do with a polaroid to make the piece an actual and original piece of art.

You can split your polaroids apart using the methode Polaroid Emulsion Lift. You can soak your polaroids in water or another liquid to have the chemistry dissolve and create beautiful abstract art pieces. This technique is called film souping or polaroid decaying.

You can do Dry Lifts, also called transparencies. You can do long exposures, you can use expired film, You can do multiple exposures. You can do cartridge manipulations. Controlled burns, You can paint with light. You can do mosaics. You can do Emulsion Manipulation. You can do finger painting. You can do scratching....and you can paint your polaroids.

Most of the techniques I work with, I have learnt through "Learning by Doing". And many of my "Play-around-experiments" have resulted in new inspiration and more experiments. As the day when I heard about alcohol ink and found out that alcohol inks require glossy paper such as photo paper and I thought...hmmm, that may just work on Polaroids as well since it has a glossy front and is a kind of photo paper.

So I started to paint some of my polaroids with alcohol ink and that again gave me the idea to try to use glitter glue as well.

I have always liked things with a bling, so one day when I went to my local art supplier, I bought a few of his glitter glues in different colours and started to decorate some of my polaroids with glitter glue.

You can use the glitter glue on both colour film and on black and white film. I personally prefer to use it on black and white film. It adds a really nice and also abstract touch to the final look of the polaroid.

Below a few examples of my Glitter glue decorated polaroids. They are available on my webshop. Since they are originals, there is of course only one of each, so don´t wait too long if you see something you like.


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