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Black and White Polaroid Emulsion Lifts telling the story of a Forest

Polaroid recently released a new black and white film that has received great review for its contrasts. The BW600 instant film, monochrome frames.

I am always searching for the best film for my work, so whenever there is a new release, I buy it to see how it reacts to being lifted onto another medium such as water colour paper, tiles, glass etc and how it reacts to being decayed using the process Film Souping.

Yesterday I was lifting the film for the first time and I was super excited. How would it lift? How fragile would the emulsion be? How would it stick to the paper?

The motifs I chose for the experiment were all shot on a digital camera in Alsted Forest on January 1st 2022. My husband and I were on our way home from a New Year party and we drove through Alsted Forest that was very close to our home.

I had not brought my cameras, but when I saw this enchanted atmosphere in the forest, I told my husband that I would drop him off at our house, pick up my cameras and then I would drive back to the forest to photograph. That was probably one of my best decisions ever. I am in love with the series that I shot that day and I keep coming back to the photos from the forest. I did shots directly on Polaroid film, using my vintage polaroid cameras. And I also used my digital cameras where the files were later post processed to Polaroid film using the Polaroid Lab and my mobile phone.

So how did the film react to being lifted? For this lift, I used the files that were shot on my digital camera. I then sent the files to my mobile phone and used the Polaroid Lab to transfer the JPEG files into Polaroid photos.

I can conclude that the emulsion is super strong and can take quite a lot of handling in the water baths. Which is a VERY GOOD THING because the glue is also extremely solid and tough to massage of the emulsion itself. So when I left the pieces to dry overnight, I was extremely curious if the emulsion would stick to the very rough paper that I had chosen for my lifts. And they did! And I am very pleased with the result.

If you also like what you see, the three pieces are now for sale on my web shop.

I am happy to show you Three Black and White Polaroid Emulsion Lifts telling the story of a Forest.


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