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Polaroid & Alcohol Ink

In my search for how to further use polaroids, I am currently experimenting with applying alcohol ink to some of my polaroid photos.

The process is intuitive and rather unpredictable and adds to the narrative story of visual art.

It is not all polaroids that are suited for a alcohol ink coating. The motif has to be clean in the look and the exposure of the photo not too dark in order for the ink to be visiable.

The polaroids really come to their right when they are scanned and enlarged. In the enlargements all details , as well as perfectly inperfect flaws, from both the polaroid and the ink stand out and adds an extra dimension to the piece.

My originals are, of course, one of a kind and can not be recreated. In order for my work to be as original as possible, also my enlargements (prints) are limited editions of just one copy. All prints come with a Fine Art Quality Assurance Certificate.

To buy Polaroids with alcohol ink or unique prints from below portfolio, visit my webshop to learn more.

All rates are EXCLUSIVE of shipping within EU.

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