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Polaroid Decay:
A Polaroid Decay is an Polaroid  photo that has been soaked in water for a long time - sometimes up to several months.
Over time the chemistry from the instant photograph will mix with the water and results in beautiful patterns and colours. Every Polaroid Decay is unique and can never be reproduced. The process is 100% analogue - making this process as unique as a painting.

Polaroid Emulsion Lift:
An Emulsion Lift is a polaroid photo that is torn apart quickly after exposure. The emulsion (the part of the polaroid, carriying the actual photo) is then, through the use of various processes and techniques, transfered onto a new material. Most often onto watercolour paper, tiles or glass. The emulsion can be moulded in various ways while still wet. When the emulsion is dry, then it is ready to frame.
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