Visual artist and photographer Anne-Mette Kelter Skovsgaard is based in the countryside amongst fields and cattle in West-Zealand in Denmark.

Anne-Mette is self-taught and works with digital and analog cameras. She has had photography as her overall passion since childhood and for the past six years Anne -Mette has worked as a full-time photographer/visual artist.


Emulsion Lift and Liquid Dresses?
A Liquid Dress is a polaroid photo that has been torn apart while quite fresh and the emulsion carrying the actual photo has been transferred unto water colour paper to finally being formed into the shape of a dress using the technique "Emulsion lift", brushes and a lot of patience.

The INSTANT emulsion lift process is a 100% analogue process that requires a huge amount of concentration and craftsmanship.

Every Liquid Dress is unique, just like a painting that can also never be recreated.

All original liquid dresses are therefore signed and individually numbered.

Up to today the collection counts 254 unique Liquid Dresses.

Polaroid Decay:

Another quite interesting technique that Anne-Mette uses is called Polaroid decay. A polaroid is placed into a little bit of water where it is left to soak in a box with a lit on until ready (this can take from a few weeks to several months depending on the chemistry in the photo, weather conditions, temperature etc)

The water will make the chemistry in the polaroid dissolve. It takes alot of checking several times a week to know when a piece is ready to dry. Once ready to come out of the water, the polaroid will be washed/cleaned and left to dry for weeks. Then, and only then, is the polaroid ready to frame, to scan, or to use for other projects.


Scanned and enlarged INSTANT photographs

An original polaroid-photo measures about 10.8 x 8.8mm.
In the series “Memories” and "Memories of Light", Anne-Mette has scanned and enlarged some of her best work to measure 60x60 cm.

INSTANT photography is an analog process and therefore only one original exists of each art piece. When purchasing one of these framed enlargements, the original photo is included in the buy as a guarantee that only this one copy exists.


Anne-Mette works with refurbished Polaroid-cameras, (SX-70), the Polaroid Lab, and Fujifilm XT-2 digital cameras.



Anne-Mette often participates in international exhibitions. Most recently she had a portrait accepted at the Carlsberg Foundation Exhibition Portrait NOW! 2019 that showed at The Danish Museum of National History and at the Ljungberg Museum in Sweden.

In March 2020 Anne-Mette exhibited 4 Liquid Dresses at Van Der Plas Gallery in New York.

In 2021 the artpiece "To Be" will be donated to charity at the SAC Galla in Sacramento, USA

For further info, pls feel free to contact the artist by using the contact form.