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PORTAL - A story about Endless Horizons and taking a leap of faith

In the beginning of 2024 the art community UACHTERARTS that I am a member of in Oughterard, Co Galway, Ireland, announced the title for our annual summer exhibition.

The annual summer exhibition is part of OCAP´s summer program that consist of 4 art exhibitions in the beautiful and extremely atmospheric exhibition hall The Courthouse, beautifully situated on the boarder of the scenic Connemara mountains in the village Oughterard.

The title for our exhibition was ENDLESS HORIZONS and I immediately knew what I wanted to produce for the exhibition.

I wanted the titel to be PORTAL - taking a leap of faith. And I wanted to tell a story of how we sometimes come to a cross road that is life changing no matter what decision we make.

I had watched a lot of sci-fi movies during the dark and rainy winter nights and was fascinated about the thought of stepping out into the unknown to explore elements of life that you would normally not get in contact with. To be 100 % open-minded to what life was giving you and just being present in the actual moment.

Sci-fi was a great way to illustrate my idea. Sci-fi often speaks of portals. Portals where you can enter and sometimes exit. And portals where you will never exit if you make the brave choice to enter it. So I quickly decided on the title PORTAL for my piece to illustrate my story about leaving the known for the unknown.

PORTAL is a quadtych polaroid emulsion lift, meaning that the piece consists of 4 polaroids that together become one big polaroid photo.

The motif is from my favorite forest where the trees are tall, overwhelming, and look like they almost reach the skies.

The piece is an original, meaning there is only this one piece.

It is now back from the exhibition and is for sale in my web shop.

Your can see it here:


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