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Background Story for The Man and His Stones - A framed Polaroid Decay

The story about the Man and his Stones:

During our first couple of months living in Ireland, many of our weekends was spend cruising around County Galway in our car around our new neighbourhood.

Both my husband, Kasper, and I have a special fascination for water, so many of our trips went to the coast line.

I always bring my polaroid cameras when we are out exploring. And Kasper has sort of almost accepted his role of being my preferred model.

I never ask him to pose for me. I just capture the moments that arise.

In this piece "The Man and His Stones", Kasper was enjoying a few calm minutes looking out over the ocean and the sunset.

When we got back home, I started the process of decaying the shot by destruction of the chemistry in a water bath. This technique is called Polaroid Decay.

The shot was soaked in water for approximately five weeks. Then it was dried for another 4 weeks before it was ready to frame.

This is an original piece and it is for sale in my webshop:


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