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Capture the timeless beauty of Polaroid art with this original quadtych polaroid emulsion lift, beautifully presented in a original, bespoke and modern frame.


PORTAL measures 33.50 x 33.50 x 5 cm, and the piece is protected by UV-protective museum glass, ensuring its longevity and preservation.


Produced in the year 2024, this one-of-a-kind artwork was exhibited at the Endless Horizones exhibition in Oughterard Courthouse in June 2024 as part of the OCAP summer exhibition program. Bring a touch of classic elegance to any space with this exquisite Polaroid emulsion lift art piece.


  • This piece is framed with museumglass to prevent UV-light to fade the piece. However, if possible, keep out of direct and constant sunlight when hanging.

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