INSTANTS - Almost Out of Cam

INSTANTS - Almost Out of CAM
(Emulsion Lifts)



"Instants- Almost Out of Cam" is a series of Instant photographs that has  been transferred to water colour paper, using the technique Emulsion Lift.

Besides from the emulsion lift, the photos appear exactly how they looked when they came of the camera.

But what is it about Instant photography that is so fascinating

Well, to me - that has a simple answer:

The Instant camera does not make pictures - it makes nostalgic memories that will take you back to forgotten times.

Original photo:

Measures 23x23 cm incl. passpartout and either brown or 
black wooden frame. 

(The visible part of the photo is approx 10 x9 cm)



Original photograph, signed (23x23 cm)

(incl. black or brown wooden frame and passepartout): DKK  795-


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